‘If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy’. Part I

This week has certainly been a busy one, so I purposely kept my Saturday free so that I could catch up on some missed sleep, possibly hit the gym, take my mum out for some birthday shopping… And of course post my first piece of content on this blog! As this week was such a busy one I shall be doing three separate posts instead of one huge one so bear with me!

On Tuesday I had my first bridal trial for a lovely lady and her darling mother. My blushing bride wanted quite a simple, chic make up, obviously something that would stand the test of time, parred with a classic feline flick and some soft definition to the eye socket area. When thinking in terms of wedding make up you need to think about how you are going to prep the skin ready for the base so that you know it’s going to last all day and night.

My bride had quite a few open pores around her nose and cheeks and some dryness around her chin area. With this in mind I used a very light moisturiser, and focused it mostly around her dry spots. I gave her a mini facial massage and really worked the moisturiser into her chin where her dryness was. Even with dry skin you don’t want to use too much of a rich moisturiser as the make up has to last; you want to layer it thinly where you need it most.

Next step was to tackle those open pores! I used a primer which was silicone based so that it would act as a filler for those pesky pores. I smoothed the primer with my hands over the larger areas of the face (chin, cheeks, nose and forehead) and voila! Hello smooth gorgeous skin! Some brands that do really nice silicone based primers are Smashbox, Make up Forever and Laura Mercier. After the skin prep was complete, I swiped a bit of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream on my brides lips and worked MAC’s Strobe Cream into the outer/higher planes of her face (cheekbones, bridge of nose, sides of forehead).

The foundation I chose to use was, of course, Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Maximum Coverage. This stuff needs to be worked into the skin quite quickly as I feel it ‘sets’ almost as soon as it touches the skins. With this in mind I tend to pat (slap) it into the skin using my hands. An odd technique but I love it and it works! It also really plumps up the skin!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a before and after picture of my bride, but I will definitely get one of her on the day so that I can show you all. She loved her final look and I asked her to keep it on all evening so that she could report back to me and let me know how it felt and sat on her skin. Some of the other products I used on our bride were: ‘Luna’ by MAC (highlight), Make up Forever HD Powder, ‘Blacktrack’ by MAC, ‘Satin Taupe’ MAC, ‘And on Bronze’ Maybelline Gel Eye Shadow.

Next up was her mothers make up. Her mother, oh what a darling she was. She was so excited to have her make up done. She said she hadn’t worn mascara for years! She was such a interesting woman, we talked about the 60’s which was ‘her decade’ (her words not mine) and we spoke at length about Biba Make up, her friends who used to mimic the Biba girls big lashy eyes and of course the fashions of the 60’s. I love talking to older ladies and hearing first had what it was like to grow up in such influential times. Gah!

So our lovely mother of the bride wanted a look that went with her lilac a dusky pink outfit. She had really good healthy skin and her prep was quite simple. I chose to use MAC’s face and body on her as with older skin you need a base that’s quite moisturising and face & body seemed to sit perfectly on her skin. I chose a few shades of purple from my Smashbbox palette to create a very soft purple eye, using the darker shades in her socket line for definition. For her lips I used about three different shades from my Kryolan lip palette to create a sort of orange/red satin lip colour.

Again, as I get older and my memory fails me I didn’t take a before photo however I DID manage to capture an after photo of our lovely lady, here she is:


What do you think? Doesn’t she look glowing!

So that was my Tuesday, I spent about 4.5 hrs in total at the trial. I must say these ladies were so lovely that a lot of the time we spent talking about boats and the 60’s and traded mother in law stories, however upon leaving I felt confident that they both loved their looks and were indeed very happy.

On that note I shall depart. Until next time.

Marie x



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